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A scent of the mixture of a male and female after intercourse
ewww it smell like padussy up in here
by sonya November 17, 2003
The wrong way to spell budussy. Or bodussy (both pronounced the same way).

Spelled by white people from the suburbs that just heard it before and ran to with excitement to tell everyone about this new word they heard.

Because it stands for butt/booty, dick, and pussy, there has to be a "B" somewhere. Common sense will tell you that.

Originally came from the movie "How To Be a Player" in 1997.
Tyler from Wisconsin heard someone say "budussy", so he jumped on his moms computer and went to to enter in "padussy."
by Theo Huxtable July 12, 2005
the smell of booty, dick, and pussy all mixed together at once.
Mayne when I went in dat room wit Keisha and Tyrone and dem up in dar, it strate was smellin like pudussy!
by Saidah March 11, 2005
Prison pussy..usually some faggot ass dude, who will do your laundry, light your smokes and suck your dick while your'e incarcerated.......
''I hit that padussy earlier, for 2 cigarettes I'll let you fuck him bro!''
by the great extender March 15, 2009
The smell of pussy, foot, dick, and ass.
"The chitterlings smells like padussy."
by KAE JAE TAURUS February 14, 2004
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