game played in the car while driving/riding with friends.

version one for younger crowd (more often a same-sex group): first person who spots a vehicle with a headlight out gets to punch the other in the arm as hard as they want.

version two for older mixed sex groups and couples: same as above but person who spots the missing headlight gets to kiss the person of their choice.

so it can be both a "fun" game and a date game.
girl: (sees car with headlight missing) "padiddle!"
turns to guy and says "pucker up..."
(ensuing accident covered by insurance, blamed on missing headlight. injuries to tongues also covered by auto insurance, but only if injured while car was moving.)
by njmartian October 28, 2006
A game played while in the car. When a car is seen with a headlight out, someone will hit the ceiling of the car with their hand and yell "padiddle!". The first person to hit the ceiling and yell the word gets a point. By the end of the trip, the person with the most points wins.
*Sees a car with only one headlight*
P1- "Padiddle" *Hits ceiling*
P2- "Oh damn, I'll get you next time"
by Jillia March 26, 2007
A game played while riding in a car. When you see a car with only only one headlight on, yell out 'padiddle!' and punch someone in the shoulder if they don't say it.
Me: padiddle!
My sister at the same time: (quiet)
Me: (punches sister on shoulder).
by Netmaster5k December 02, 2004
To be had, Gotten the best of. To be owned.
Devyn-I just padiddled your ass!
Kelsey-Oh Man you just Padiddled me!
Amber-Yea. You so got Padiddled
by Ivy The Terrible February 19, 2008
Upon the spotting of the car with a single headlight, the unwary person must kiss the perceptive person.
"Padiddle!, now pucker up"!
by Brenn June 04, 2004
A vehicle with only one working headlight, upon which one may make a wish if accompanied by licking the thumb, pressing into the palm, followed by a slap of the palm with the opposite hand in a fist.
Hey look, here comes a padiddle! Quick, make a wish!
by McHaggis July 17, 2006
A game played (most commonly on college road trips) when ridding in a veichle. If one sees a car with one headlight out he/she shouts "pididdle." When this occurs the nearest person of the opposite sex, at the time, is then required to give the shouter road head before the trip is over.
My Girl: damnit! my jaw still hurts from that last one.
Me: Well hurry up we're almost there.
by The Dark Lord of Bass September 27, 2005

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