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A game Played in the car. Driving down the road. One, in the car, spots a car with one head light out. Now this counts for headlights, or the markers yellow lights below or beside the headlights The one spotting this so called, padiddle, states: "padiddle", hits the roof, and the others in the car must take off one article of clothing. When playing with 2 people, person to be naked first, must bemain naked for the remainder of the car ride, the winer, gets to put their clothing back on. If playing with 3 or more people, the game keeps going until everyone but the one with the most clothing on, the naked ones, remain naked until end of ride. most dressed, gets to put his or her clothing back on.
Shane: FUCK! Theres no way, I didn't see it. It doesn't count.
Jessica:Fuck that,Yes it does, Take off your pants. HAHHA!
by JAYBROOKE July 08, 2006
40 47
in texas
when upon seeing a license plate not from texas or a headlight out, everyone must hit the roof of the car and say PADIDDLE!
the last person to hit the roof must remove a piece of clothing

shoes count as one item
socks count as one item

hoodies and sweaters are allowed
accessories dont count buddy

when a person is naked the game is over
Justyn: Padiddle!
Trevor: Padiddle!
Karen: Padiddle!
Tanner: Padiddle!

Tanner: Ha, get ready to see my big o' meat!
by John Long Shlong June 08, 2009
29 39
Used to be the word referring to a car missing a headlight,

now it's the word for an unmarked copcar.

Keep your eyes out for padiddle.
Person 1: Padiddle

Person 2: Put the joint down.
by PlugnChug69 March 22, 2009
4 16
Game which you play while driving in the car, if you see a car with a headlight out you say "PADIDDLE" and hit the ceiling, the last one to hit the ceiling and say "PADIDDLE" there gender needs to take off a peice of clothing.
1. Fog lights do not count
2. Dim lights do not count
3. Always boys against girls
4. Say there are 4 guys and 2 girls, if both girls hit the ceiling before all the boys the boys all must take off a peice of clothing, same with the girls, if the boys all hit the ceiling before both the girls, both girls have to take off a peice of clothing.
5. If you call a padiddle and there isnt one everyone in your gender must take off a peice of clothing
6. If you call a padiddle on a motorcycle; automatically naked
7. If both the headlight and the orange light below it are out that is two peices of clothing
8. Shoes count as one peice of clothing
9. Socks count as one peice of clothing
10. Accessories do NOT count
11. Coats and hoodies DO count
12. Drivers play too

Trevor:Shit i was the last one to say padiddle so noe me and Cody both have to take of a peice of clothing
by sbtrarbf January 26, 2008
21 33
Since the basis of the term is from an old car game that involves the first person yelling out PADIDDLE when they see it car with only one headlight lit, this become a VERY rude way to describe a person with only one eye.
This guy looked like Sammy Davis Jr. I couldn't tell whether the friggin' padiddle was looking at me or not??
by Hyde43 December 29, 2005
7 19
In Nebraska, you play padiddle by getting a bunch of people in a car and driving around until you see a yellow light. Upon seeing a yellow light, everyone in the car hits the seat in front of them (or the dashboard if you're in the front), hits the ceiling, and then yells strip. The last person to be heard shouting strip must take off one article of clothing.

A pair of shoes is one article. A pair of socks is another article.

This version is more fun and easy to do while cruising around at night.
Man in a car with Ladies: Let's play padiddle!
Ladies: Alright!
Group: *Sees yellow light and hits seat/ceiling*
Unfortunate last person: Damn! *takes off clothes*
by Trendy And Obscene January 06, 2009
2 18
To only urinate a small amount.
If you go to the bathroom just before bed just to go to the bathroom and urinate but only a tiny amount of pee comes out. There fore you just padiddled.
Also, in the morning if you wake up, take a leak, then get in the shower and find your self having to pee again. However, the amount of urine you release in the shower is just a little.
by Petersteller. January 09, 2008
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