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Offensive term for Irish person used by racists and bigots. Extensively used by occupying invaders as an insult or put down. Nothing to do with St.Patrick as stated elsewhere. Mick is another word usually used for the same purpose or reason. The usage of either "Mick" or "Paddy" or "Paddy-Wagon' should not be tolerated by good minded people.
Those Paddy (Mick) Bastar*s breed like rabbits and follow Rome (are Catholic).
by dermo2 March 20, 2008
A derogatory,racist name for a police van. Used mainly in the U.S. When the Irish arrived they were feared by the Protestant and Presbyterian (mainly English and Scottish settlers) they were beaten and bullied and when they protested they were dragged off in police vans and beaten some more. Lots of silly people think that "Paddy Wagon" is acceptabe to Irish people. Well it's not...nor is Patties or Paddys Day. St. Patricks Day ...Please.
Irish-American friendship float in this years St.Patricks Day parade had "Paddy Wagon" in big letters on the sides of it. Grrrrrr!! Lots of my friends were very annoyed.
by dermo2 March 20, 2008
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