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Post Alcoholic Depression Syndrome

"PADS" is the expression of a feeling of guilt or embarrassment. Usually caused after a night of consuming WAY too much alcohol. PADS can be the result of picking drunk fights with whoever would pay attention to you the night before; waking up to a stranger; waking up and not being able to remember anything from the night before.
Amber: "I am never going to drink again... I feel like death! I feel like killing myself! I cant beleive I did that last night!"

April: "Dont worry, you just have PADS thats all, you will feel better once the PADS wear off"
by April Flathers April 10, 2007
32 33
Your house or room.
"Hey baby. Let's go back to my pad for some action."
by Diego August 21, 2003
587 132
A cotton like material that women wear when they are on their period. It should be changed often.
Oh god! Jennifer you smell like a diaper! Go change your pad
by anaonymous April 04, 2005
550 204
place of living....
Home is where the pad is
by Bungalow Bill October 06, 2001
220 139
a device worn in the underwear that collects blood clots. Should be changed regularly.
ugh... go change your pad.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance December 01, 2003
227 155
Abbreviation for: party and drink.
Used largely by American teens and young adults in social media.
man 1: yo man what up?
man 2: you up fo' some pad?
man 1: pad it is
man 3: paaaaad!
by Doom Patrol February 24, 2013
72 27
Post Atomic Dump Syndrome

The groggy, unstable feeling after taking an enormous dump. This can be worsened by consuming large amounts of cheese or spicy foods.
I'd love to go out tonight but I have PADS and won't be able to walk for another hour
by Johnny McPoopboots August 14, 2009
85 47
Stands for post alcoholStands for Post Alcohol Depression, which is typically experienced after a particularly heavy and prolonged drinking adventure. It is the low point one must endure after enjoying the high. Characterized by feelings of depression (mostly in the morning), sleeplessness, night sweats, deep regret and sorrow for all of the awesome things that victim is now remembering doing. More conscientious individuals suffering from P.A.D. may find it necessary to make many apologetic phone calls, and attempt to get one’s life back in order.
Person 1: did you see Wes this weekend, he was so awesome and funny.

Person2: No, do you think he will be out tonight?

Person1: i doubt it, after a weekend like that he is probably suffering from P.A.D.

Person2: that is too bad, we should make him some cookies to cheer him up
by wesley belden July 10, 2008
33 11