A slime-ball hoodlum with greasy hair and a greasy sneer. He packs a switch-blade knife, which he uses to intimidate nerds, geeks, and old ladies. The grease in his hair is an attraction to Cholas. Without this attraction, there would be no little Pachucos or Cholas.

The Pachuco is a coward. He will never pick on anyone who has the slightest chance of whooping his ass. He likes to have an audience of Cholas or other Pachucos when he frightens people.
All intelligent ladies pack heat when they go out in public. This makes it easier to shoot Pachucos when they step in front of you and start their intimidation routine. For a fine anti-Pachuco piece, I recommend the Taurus Judge.
by Delicious Tuna Wanda September 25, 2007
Spanglish for the word you say when sneezing.
Wait, man! I gotta sneeze. Ah..ah..ah..pa...CHU..co!
by Not-gonna-tellya April 22, 2005
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