is usually , hispanic male, that is borderline gang member. Dresses in the gang garb, or dresses with the bandana,flannel shirt, kakai pants, etc.
Mira, hay van los pachucos del barrio.
by Latina 53 July 28, 2004
As used by Mexican nationals; a Mexican-American born in the United States, usually by Mexican national parents and speaking spanish as a first language.
Luis no estan paisono, pero pachuco. (Luis isn't a countryman (mexican), but a pachuco.

"Pachuco power"
by Adam LaVail March 01, 2005
A hispanic thug.NOT a mexican, becuase pachucos hate Sur Treces. Back in the 40s they were also known as zoot suiters. Usuallly pachucos are gangsters and all of them dress like cholos.They also hate Black, Indian, and Korean Gangs.
Sureno: "fuck those lil pachuco putas!!"
Pachuco: "These fuckin niggers are trying to steal our hood."
by mateo chavez August 29, 2007
A Hispanic male of Mexican origin who is fond of Western wear. ie Cowboy hat, big belt buckle, tight ass pants.
Can be spotted in seedy neighborhoods, hanging out at gas stations, or headed to bars with mechanical bulls.
Hector was the baddest Pachuco in town man!
by Juan Perez March 21, 2006
Criminal with greasy hair.
Raymond is a Pachuco
by The Wog Whomper May 03, 2005
A slime-ball hoodlum with greasy hair and a greasy sneer. He packs a switch-blade knife, which he uses to intimidate nerds, geeks, and old ladies. The grease in his hair is an attraction to Cholas. Without this attraction, there would be no little Pachucos or Cholas.

The Pachuco is a coward. He will never pick on anyone who has the slightest chance of whooping his ass. He likes to have an audience of Cholas or other Pachucos when he frightens people.
All intelligent ladies pack heat when they go out in public. This makes it easier to shoot Pachucos when they step in front of you and start their intimidation routine. For a fine anti-Pachuco piece, I recommend the Taurus Judge.
by Delicious Tuna Wanda September 25, 2007
A slimey criminal identifiable by his greasy hair. A Pachuco hangs out on street corners and loiters outside liquor stores and pool halls. He accosts defenseless people and weak people and threatens them with a switchblade knife. He wears a purple shirt and a perpetual sneer.

An urban terrorist who only picks on single individuals who can't defend themselves.

This criminal is loved and protected by the Liberal, who says that the Pachuco is only defending the Bario and the Pachucada.
Hector is a Pachuco. He loiters outside the liquor store all evening, spitting on the sidewalk and picking his teeth with a switchblade. He pretends to ignore large people and mean looking people. But if a skinny nerd with glasses walks by, the Pachuco spits on the sidewalk and steps in front of the nerd. "Hey, mon," he says, "this is my turf. What are you doing on my turf?" The Pachuco sneers at the skinny nerd, puts his switchblade in front of the nerd's face, and acts very tough indeed. When the nerd wets his pants in terror, the Pachuco lets him go.

If a fuzz drives by, Hector puts his knife in his pocket and struts away. If a big redneck walks by, Hector slouches away. If the Crips or Bloods come by, Hector the Pachuco runs away in terror.
by Capn' Bullmoose September 19, 2007

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