A slimey criminal identifiable by his greasy hair. A Pachuco hangs out on street corners and loiters outside liquor stores and pool halls. He accosts defenseless people and weak people and threatens them with a switchblade knife. He wears a purple shirt and a perpetual sneer.

An urban terrorist who only picks on single individuals who can't defend themselves.

This criminal is loved and protected by the Liberal, who says that the Pachuco is only defending the Bario and the Pachucada.
Hector is a Pachuco. He loiters outside the liquor store all evening, spitting on the sidewalk and picking his teeth with a switchblade. He pretends to ignore large people and mean looking people. But if a skinny nerd with glasses walks by, the Pachuco spits on the sidewalk and steps in front of the nerd. "Hey, mon," he says, "this is my turf. What are you doing on my turf?" The Pachuco sneers at the skinny nerd, puts his switchblade in front of the nerd's face, and acts very tough indeed. When the nerd wets his pants in terror, the Pachuco lets him go.

If a fuzz drives by, Hector puts his knife in his pocket and struts away. If a big redneck walks by, Hector slouches away. If the Crips or Bloods come by, Hector the Pachuco runs away in terror.
by Capn' Bullmoose September 19, 2007
Top Definition
a chicano or Mexican guy back in the 1930 to 1950 that dressed in zoot suits. The pachuco was an important part of the young chicano culture in the 1950's.
In the 1940's the LA PD decided to round up hundreds of pachucos after the Sleepy Lagoon murder becuase of their ethnicity.
by Cristina November 08, 2004
Someone dressed up in a zoot suit, aka zooter. Not necessarily a gangster, but always associated with cholos. The style originated in El Paso, TX back in the 1930s. Hence, El Paso is now known to many Chicanos as "El Chuco ."
Pachuco =/= Cholo
Get it right...
by Huevudo July 14, 2005
Old school term for Chicano zooters - the dress, attitude, language, culture, etc. Originated in Juarez, Chihuaha, Mexico and eventually made its way to El Paso, Texas ( Chuco town).
Back in the 1940s El Paso, Texas was full of pachucos.
by original pachuka June 17, 2009
In common usage, generally any young hispanic/Mexican-American males perceived (through similarity of garb, haircuts, etc.) to be members of a street gang. Actual gang in Southern California dates back to and rivals the Hell's Angels
"I think those Mexican guys standing on the corner are probably pachucos."
by The Doctor September 27, 2004
Name that originated in the early 30's. El Paso TX nick name.
Hey holmes, you're going to Pachuco?
by Kuzko November 25, 2004
1. A hispanic or spanish or mexican or latino or chicano man that defends his barrio from outsiders.
2. A hispanic or spanish or mexican or latino or chicano man that fights to preserve his cultures way of living whether that be with guns, knives, or political influence
(2.) Texans and Californians are taking over Santa Fe, New Mexico with the help of greedy developers, but not if we can get a pachuco into office to defend the barrio!
by Dreeks December 05, 2005
An underground mexican gang featured in an episode of Macgyver.
Ramon was a member of the pachucos, but did not really earn his right to be a leader because he didn't really "waste" luther's little brother.
by I'MSHEENA March 04, 2006
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