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a chicano or Mexican guy back in the 1930 to 1950 that dressed in zoot suits. The pachuco was an important part of the young chicano culture in the 1950's.
In the 1940's the LA PD decided to round up hundreds of pachucos after the Sleepy Lagoon murder becuase of their ethnicity.
by Cristina November 08, 2004
The greatest musical i have ever seen. I dont really know how to explain it but it made me cry. But i would cry during the happy parts and the sad parts. I saw it with the original cast and the cast that is touring right now and it is still amazing. It is like nothing you will ever see.
um my favorite scene is the La Vie Boheme scene and the Christmas Bells scenebut i adored them all
by cristina March 15, 2005
lake in peru
I'm going to Lake Titicaca next week.
by Cristina May 14, 2003
a girl with big boobs
Wow! That girl is titilicious!!!!!!!!
by Cristina April 14, 2005
a word that beats any1 with the name wolf! UR OWNED! I WIN!
u suck ahh, im sry i still love you
by cristina September 23, 2004
Awesome guitar player. cool kid. i love that girl. at least she believes that i didnt do what i supposedly did, which i didnt. and shes not afraid to tell me how retarted i am.
C: Trees have bones
O: Youre a retard
it didnt actually go like that but i forget how it went
by cristina March 14, 2005
A bunch of empty men came to earth one day and realised that they had never been heard or took into account in their lives.. so, they gathered together in a band, pull the anarchist cook book, put a little salt, make a bomb and exploit everithing... they usually go killing people in not very discriminated way... lokk up what happened in NY and Madrid... they make everybody else suck their own ass with fear... and they don't like to show their faces and say who they are... were'nt they trying to be heard???
Al Qaueda, ETA, IRA, FARC... Hey man!!! we kill them today.. yeah! we were heard! we made them suffer!
by Cristina March 12, 2004
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