Originated in gaming culture as a pronunciation of the word "PWNED" Which originated as a typo of the word "OWNED".

This word has now branched out beyond the gaming culture to be used in common life situations.

Also known as Pwned, owned, dominated.
Uber_Noobish from Clan PoD (Pros of Dota) on Warcraft 3 : DOTA just p00ned some clans in CAL. (Cyber Athletic League)

Or: DeTalores just p00ned that one girl from myspace. (Refering to sexual intercourse).
by Uber_Noobish May 29, 2006
Top Definition
to p00n n00bs. beat people of lesser skill
maybe today, if i p00n enough n00bs, i can raise my rank in the server, from 3 to 1. he he.
by bim November 05, 2004
Origanally started by amazingly "cool" runescape "dudes" who was tired of sayin owned when they killed players in the wild.
now used worldwide.Usally followed by an amazing stream of insults.The people who say this word are either 10 or 47.
omg you got P00NED faget.
by Obrienlol March 12, 2008
when all the hot girls are taken, and u have to get with the ugly fat ones
HAHA p00ned, thats what u get for being such a damn gummy.
by justwhenyouthoughtitwassafe March 08, 2008
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