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what you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino.¡SYKE! In actuallity, it is something that is not only shit, but really close to fuck as well.
Me:*Openning the door* Hey guys!
Pals:Hey big guy
Gummy: Hey everyone
Me: Awe schefuck, who told gummy about this? Good thing i don't need my soul :(
by justwhenyouthoughtitwassafe March 22, 2008
when all the hot girls are taken, and u have to get with the ugly fat ones
HAHA p00ned, thats what u get for being such a damn gummy.
by justwhenyouthoughtitwassafe March 08, 2008
an old bitchy woman who likes your little brother more than she likes you, and only takes you to the movies when he goes too. Constanly yells and eventualy you just want to give her the ol' chuck norris to the face
You: Hey guys wanna to go the movies?
Nate: Sure sounds like a plan!
You: Damn, grammy has to take us good thing there's a movie markie wants to see.
by justwhenyouthoughtitwassafe March 11, 2008
spanish for chubby. You can get gorditos in many situations.
1)When playing sports
2)When hanging out with your girlfriend
3)When taking a test
1) Awe damn i went to kick the ball and it went above the goal. I totally got a gordito
2) When she leaned in to kiss me, i pushed her away. What was I thinking i totally had a gordito
3) I studied all night for the test, but then I got a gordito and forgot it all. There goes my 4.0
by justwhenyouthoughtitwassafe March 08, 2008

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