meaning "awkward" or "weird" uncomfortable situation

Deriving from the word "awkward" which can be shortened to "awks" ....which sounds like..."ox". the plural(kind of like the long word of awkward) is oxen.

so. awks = ox
awkward = oxen.
Girl 1:Did you see what she was doing to Michael's hair? that was beyond oxen..

Girl 2: Oh tell me about it, so oxen.
by skuze May 14, 2011
To give someone a good rogering.
"I oxenized them up like a 2-bit whore!"
by Darkmatt April 25, 2006
1.) plural noun, meaning a collection of large cow-like pack animals.
2.) noun, meaning an awesome indie band. they use very odd beats, and excellent guitar work, and put on a hell of a live show.
1.) we rode our oxes to the show
2.) we saw the oxes at the show

oxes suck coxes
-the oxes.
by jason October 02, 2004
when something is too awkward for the word 'awkward'
person number 1: hey let's chill later
person number 2: how about no..
person number 1: oh.. ox.
by fatblackmanonthebus July 28, 2011
An individual with strong legs. Based on the animal.
"Dude, have you seen his legs? He's an ox!"
by EgTl May 08, 2009
An abbreviation of an abbreviation of the word awkward. Awkward was shortened to awks which led to it's abbreviation towards its homophone "ox"
Yeah, he's totes ox
by chickenswithlargetalons December 14, 2010
To love very strongly
You are my boyfriend. You are my lover. You are my ox. Ox!
by Oxers April 05, 2010

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