to nap longer than you really wanted, and then be unable to fall asleep that night. coined by UkranianLimbs and added by CAMPlikeaCHAMP
me: im about to crash
yosef: na, i overnapped earlier, ill be up all night
by CAMPlikeaCHAMP May 14, 2011
Top Definition
Napping far longer than originally intended. Due to faulty alarm clocks, massive sleep deprivation, or intense drinking the night before.
I was going to do my homework, but my alarm clock didn't go off and I overnapped.

The hell?? My test started a half hour ago, I overnapped again!

Jesse was late to class again; he's a pretty consistent overnapper.
by Destroyyoutoo June 21, 2009
an overnap is a napover. similar to a sleepover. it's origins derive from someone trying to rhyme with overlap.
yo girl you trying to get down on an overnap real quick?
by sandyravage June 25, 2016
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