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when you take a simple solution and make it so complex that no one can follow the path. Or you are just making things too complicated.
Management making a decision? They need to have a study to make sure that consensus is in agreement then to make matters more complex, they overcomplexify it.
by Kurt Ahrens March 25, 2008
To make unnecessarily complicated, or to make complex something that can or should be simple.
Michael thought the project would not take a lot of design or implementation effort, so he accused Dave of overcomplexifying matters.
by Pistos April 01, 2009
The act of adding so many extraneous and non-relavent issues to a problem that, while it may have had a solution before, it is now an insurmountable pile of shit that does not even remotely resemble the original issue.
Bob: I need to hang this picture. Does it look straight to you?
Steve: No, let's go get my laser rangefinder, measurng tape, protractor, chalk line and level just to be sure.
Bob: Do you overcomplexify everything, asshole?
by bigpimpin32 March 28, 2008
1. To make something that is usually pretty simple or straightforward and make it incredibly complex.

2. To take a statement, sentence, or bunch of words and make them verbose and complex.
Dude: "Alright, so we take 250 steps north, north-east, and then we halt, and make a 90 degree left turn and take 600 steps in that direction"

Guy: "Dude, you're overcomplexifying again..."

Dude: "Verily that yonder female is harking upon thee, thou would be well advised to travel to her and investigate"

Guy: "Why do you have to Overcomplexify things really think she is though?"
by Kenji246 March 11, 2011
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