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very fat, extremely large bodily fat to muscle ratio
"I'm proper fat, I'm overbese"
by Kareem POW September 30, 2005
grossly over obese.

{obesity} out of control, beyond help, over {obese}, very {fat}, fatty, bloater, greedy, stop eating

Having eaten until very very very fat.
She was massive, we're talking overbese.
by Phillip Young May 14, 2007
It's a cross between being overweight and/or obese
This word was created by John Norton of "George Comics"

Sirloin: "I saw this chart online that tells you if you are overweight or obese"

Dave: "So... what? Are you overweight or obese?!?"

Sirloin: "Overbese"
by jynksie September 03, 2009
a word used towards a person or animal that is so fat, obese is an understatement. they are over-bese.
oh my god! look at that person over there, they are definetely overbese, they cant even sit in the movie theatre seat.
by makeleka March 17, 2011
Realy realy fat people, overly obese individuals.
"Damn that girl is overbese."
by Ellen and Megan August 26, 2006
Overly Obese.
That man should not be wearing those leather undies, for he is 40 pounds overbese.
by PheebRubeLizz June 07, 2013
Slang for an overly obese person.
That 500 lbs. person that is only 4'5" is overbese.
by Felipe Navidad December 16, 2010

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