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Used to describe the actionsof Democrats, republicans, or any sort of politician.
by Rosh April 20, 2003
11 35
something that is the bomb and unbelievable
those custom made movies are outrageous!
by Anonymous May 07, 2002
72 19
this word means to be beyond the point of sexy
you are so outrageous
you are so mari
you are so kyle
by kyleluva March 20, 2005
40 35
the acts of one who's will power and moral stamina befit that of a god. moving with purpose known only to self and one's closest love, usually in a legendary manner.
His deeds of valor and action are most outrageous
by ramon.carlos July 10, 2008
17 20
Used in an online setting to denote extreme levels of stress or exteme displeasure with another individual
Mikar tells the guild : *that is OUTRAGEOUS!!*
by Bobbins January 29, 2005
22 29