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Heading "out the gate," or literally through the wire, and entering hostile territory while on a combat patrol, such as in Afghanistan or Iraq. "Out the gate" is also the terrain which is beyond the fencelines / walls of your compound.
Being a grunt, I'm out the gate each and every day.

I've got more time out the gate than you do in the fookin' Army, dude.

Yeah, he was out the gate when the IED got their tail vehicle. Damn.
by B 2/75 October 01, 2005
since you were born, since you came out of the womb
I been on this shit since I came out the gate, BITCH
by Anonymous March 12, 2003
To do something for no apparent reason or with no provocation.
All these cats wanted to know why I beat down ol' boy... shit was out the gates man I was just playin.
by Young Ceize August 16, 2005
It means to get out of jail.
"You better look out! I'm out the gate!
by moot March 02, 2005
Crazy. Has mental issues. Can relate to someone who has done too many drugs.
I want to ask the neighbour if I can borrow a cup of sugar, but I'm afraid he'll chop my hands off with a samurai sword. That guy is out the gate.
by Baytrey Tipene May 20, 2016
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