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The best Australian porn site out there

I spent 3 hrs on orsm.net laughed my ass off so hard I nearly busted a nut.
by flat6 April 15, 2005
510 141
The word "awesome" said with an Australian accent.
An American says: "That's awesome!"
And ozzie says: "That's orsm!"
by Taadn December 13, 2005
115 29
the act of one being awesome
vinny is orsm
by vinny May 03, 2004
59 42
It is actually a combination of two words and it started in forum thread. It's when something is orgasmically awesome, orsm! It could be used in numerous ways, like a replacement for cool. Popular Internet chat and text messaging slang, since it's so short.
John "wow that was fantastic!"
Doe "yeah it was orsm!"

John "what an orsm day!"
Doe "sure is, let's take our orsm car for drive!"
by wilburlikesmith September 11, 2013
8 0