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The best Australian porn site out there

I spent 3 hrs on orsm.net laughed my ass off so hard I nearly busted a nut.
by flat6 April 15, 2005
When a woman teases your cock to the point of no return then backs off..
As i was leaving the state, my gf decided to give me a half blowjob before i got on the plane..

3 fkn hours of excruciating blue balls pain and no way of releif.
by flat6 May 24, 2006
A fat 4 legged furry creature with the same attitude as us men
Wombat: Eats roots and leaves
by flat6 July 14, 2006
A Trendy Street in the Melbourne suburb of "South Yarra"

By day, its a street filled with designer clothes shops and cafe's with the odd Ferrari or Lamborghini’s parked on side of the road.

By Friday night the joint is fkn packed!
The fun usually starts after 10pm

The clubs and bars come alive, the chiks dress slutty, carloads of people do chap laps to show off their "fully sik" modified shit heaps

Dozens of people get pissed in the back of their mates cars, hang out the windows n talk shit to people walking past or people in cars on the other side of the road..

Traffic generally gets banked up worse than a monk’s balls and there’s absolutely nowhere to piss.

Most of the time this place is best viewed drunk, gather a few mates, pack a bit of grog n get sum1 who's sober to drive, head down around 10:30pm, do a few chap laps and check out the crowd.

You'll prob pass the same cars on the other side of the road about a dozen times, by then you should know their life history.

There’s a 24hr bottelo at the end of the strip for when you need to stock up, and LOC (lamb on chapel), souvlaki's for when you get the munchies

Main things to check out

Lamb on chapel (best souva's)
Bride O'Rileys pub
The Hugo lounge (meat market)
Frost bites (alcoholic slurpies)
Coles car park (gone down hill now days)

Things to watch out for

The Cops have really destroyed the action in this place from what it was a few years ago, they are constantly raiding the joint and defecting cars, be sure to hide your grog if they pull you over.

The Coles car park is generally the gathering spot for rice boys, if ya rides hot don’t hang around there for to long as the cops like to block off all exits and raid the joint holding you up for hours.

Other than that, if you’re in Melbourne this is the place to be on weekends.
Day Time

Hunni lets go to Chapel Street and do some cloths shopping

Night time

Habib mate, lets go to chapel and do a few chap laps, call the cousins..

Few hrs later..

Shit uleh the cops defected my fully sik 180sx
by flat6 June 02, 2006
Horizontally opposed 6 cylinder engine also known as a "boxer"

A high tech design capable of producing awesome ammounts of power but not commonly used due to the engineering costs involved in designing them.

Commonly found in Porsches, and the reason why they are such a kick ass car
Flat6's are the best sounding engine
by flat6 April 17, 2005
An Australian broadband fourm in which many people become addicted to

Sadly most of these people don’t know there’s more fulfilling things in life than bitching about Telstra and trying to save 20cents on the latest hardware
I was addicted to whirlpool before I found out about, drinking, partying and and fucking sluts
by flat6 April 15, 2005
The Whitlams defined it back in '98

"Theres No Aphrodisiac Like Lonelyness"
Porn = Aphrodisiac
Viagra = Aphrodisiac
by flat6 March 11, 2006

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