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ornob - n. A male who gets many girls and can be called a pimp

-may be called a pimpinator

-term is mostly used in the slums of barrios and favalas, but is slowly penetrating its way through the black population of America
"Hell yes, I don't know what this is," said Mr. A'latorre, the history teacher
"Oh, don't worry professor. That is just ornob and 50 other girls," replied John.
Look at that ornob with is pimpin friends
by TaytayTorre May 01, 2010
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Brown guy 1: hey that brown guy from bangladesh stole my chips!
Brown guy 2: wow he's such a douchebag!
Brown guy 3: You mean he's an ornob?
Brown guy 2: YA!!
by brownpeoplearecool May 02, 2010
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