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The coolest, hottest, funniest, bootlicious, lush in the world
Dayumm, I would like to hit that shit (ori)
by lajsdlfkjasldfkalfe April 30, 2005
A name commonly used by Israelis particularly hardcore ones.
Damn! Did you see how many houses Ori bulldozed?!
by Not Ori April 11, 2005
Nickname for the name Oriana.
"Hey Ori can you come over to my house today to hang out?"

instead of saying

"Hey Oriana can you come over to my house today to hang out?"

by shizzle032093175 July 10, 2008
Supreme Being
The sland term began back in 1989 when the supreme being Oris was born.
DAMN! I want to be Oris
by Bruce March 29, 2005
A group of humans(from the stargate universe), who have recived superpoweres in order to spread a religion known as origin. This religion was practiced by a group of ancient who belived they were gods.
The ori exist as flame, but they send their Priors to convert the milky way galaxy.
by Uchena Kema December 31, 2005
An ancient and seldom referred to language called Dagspi used the term ori to describe the mythical super beast that lived in the dark woods. Much the same manner that modern parents tell children to be good or Santa won't come, ancient residents of north east asia likely used Super Beast Ori to scare children into behaving. Little is known about the ancient culture and we only have sparse translations from a book called the Manual of Arms, which was written in two languages, the second being quite similar to Spanish.
If you act like a troll, super beast Ori will come out at the crack of noon to eat you.
by Leonidas Sanguin March 05, 2008

To swim at an extremely slow pace.
Swimmer 1: Yo man I'm so tired. I'm really not feeling this 500 meter piece.

Swimmer 2: Yeah let's fuckin ori this shit.

Swimmer 1: Sounds good.
by calvincoolidge May 12, 2009
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