Something so hot you have an orgasm
most commonly known as Bella and Sara.
Whoa its Bella and sara, they are SO orgasmic. I need to go jack off to a OBO.
by Milf mother fucker February 14, 2008
Top Definition
something that makes you feel as good or better than when you have an orgasm...xD
starburst is orgasmic.
taking a pee or a shit is orgasmic.
hugs are orgasmic.
streching is orgasmic.
Totally unrelated to and having nothing to do with sex, but almost as pleasurable and fun or important to you as gettin it on.
Have you seen my newest painting? It's orgasmic?

You should really check out that orgasmic book.

Your bod is orgasmic.
by Alex Keys August 06, 2005
A word that describes something that brings you great joy.
I'm telling you Staff Sargeant Bohannon ain't no more orgasmic job in the Corps than artillery...VT frag over a herd of water buffalo...White Phosphorous on a VC vill....fleshettes nailing a Cong to a Banyan tree. Semper-friggin'-fi!
by harry flashman July 10, 2003
something that is unbelievably pleasurable that it reminds you of an orgasm or something you take great pleasure in doing/eating/looking at
girl one: Oh my god isnt johnny depp just orgasmic in pirates of the caribbean?
girl 2: Oh my god..yes!
by chatz macjones October 06, 2005
Something that is so good that it figuratively (or literally) gives you an orgasm.
The woman serving the meals was so hot that she was orgasmically good looking.
by Darth Kiljoy June 26, 2006
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