A game like rock-paper-scissors, except if you lose, the winner tells you to ask someone out (pretend or real, your choice), hug them, or kiss them. And instead of saying "rock-paper-scissors shoot!" you say "or-e-o!".
I was on a long field trip once, and on the way back, everyone was playing Oreo. My crush was sitting in the back, and my friend next to me asked to play. I lost, and she made me ask him out. I refused, and will never play it again if my crush is anywhere near me.
by BAZINGA! May 23, 2012
theres loads of defs so ill sum it up really simple = a black person who is too smart and/or rich to be black

also a nice cookie, recently started selling in the UK
just leave the guy be, at least he knows what 4+6 is

do you eat an oreo layer by layer or like a sandwich?
by EEwisewolf April 18, 2008
1. damn good cookie looks like this
<chocolate cookie>
<chocolate cookie>

2. result of when a black and white person mixes love juices

3. what me and my friends call tabs
1. i want an oreo

2. that oreo hides his blackness/whiteness really well

by BE_PREPARED! July 29, 2007
a black chicks asshole
Man i was banging this black girl and she had a hot ass oreo, i could not wait to show her my definition of double stuff!
by sexy texan January 11, 2012
an orgasm in a cookie
"that oreo was like an orgasm in a cookie"
by me and many more August 15, 2008
A sexual act, of double penetration between two black males and a white female.
Black 1: Shit yea' nigga last night's oreo was hot mang
White: I'm pregnant
Black 2: Damn nigga'
by Black 1 April 02, 2007
A black person is usually called a Oreo if they say, or wear anything that has to do with so called white culture. Such as wearing Abercrombie, American Eagle, and Hollister. Also talking like they have common sense, which is the way most white people talk. Most black people think that they're a total disgrace to all blacks. I personally don't like being called a oreo, because it's saying that a black person can't shop at any of the stores above, and they can't talk like they have common sense.
Black on the outside....white on the the inside
by Kristen June 23, 2005
1) A racial slur used to describe black people who are civilised, get good grades, care about their future, don't talk all ghetto, don't listen to rap or R&B, have a large group friends, dress like white people, etc. Basically, they're black on the outside, and white on the inside. I'm black, and personally, I think this stereotype is completely and utterly stupid.

2) The best cookie ever made.
1) I'm a black girl who got straight A's on my report card, loves dubstep, shops at urban outfitters, and has a seemingly large group of friends. I guess I'm an Oreo.

2) I just ate the last Oreo.
by Otakubob Hipsterpants November 13, 2013

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