A signature color worn by creepers and those of questionable morals.
Do you see that guy wearing orange? He really looks like a creeper. I'm glad he's wearing orange so we could spot him.
by GrlMusicFrk February 09, 2011
1. The color symbolizing danger, evil, death, and such in profound movies (i.e. The Godfather)
2. The color of insanity.
1. Hey, look! Vito Corleone dropped the oranges!
bam! bam! bam!
oh, man, the godfather got shot
2. Oh my god, you painted your walls orange! Do we need to get you some help?

by chickachelsea March 13, 2009
defined ambiguously as "any good thing," it is a word made for random overuse.
You're an orange.
by Vertigo December 03, 2002
Having no rhyme or reason; without an explanation. Something not definitely understood.
Something that just makes you go wtf, there is no reason for this.
The word orange doesnt rhyme with any other word. (No rhyme)
The word itself has no definite reason unless context clues are given in a sentence.
The word orange is also not just a word describing a color. It is also a fruit. (No reason)

Therefore, anything referred to as orange, just has no definite understanding.
That shit's so orange it doesnt even make any sense.
Cut the orange. I want specifics.
by Xelci October 12, 2014
A land full of wolves where the religion is Mage. The ruler is Azure Lupia Farfell. It is a new colony.
The ruler of Orange is very nice.
by Diamond Evening Jewel March 10, 2008
It's a color...And a fruit...and umm...yeah.
1. Orange is a nice color.
by DaChazman December 15, 2004
Way of describing Latinos. Similar to the way Black is for Africans, Yellow is for Asians, Brown is for Mediterranean, White etc..
Not offensive
An orange chick
by amerikitt January 27, 2012

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