1. a color between red and yellow
2. a citrus fruit
3. a feeling of great excitement
1. i love your orange shirt!
2. this orange is such a refreshing snack!
3. i can't wait for the concert, it makes me feel so orange!
by pinkgrapefruitt April 05, 2011
a round projectile which is easy to throw long distances, explodes upon contact, and is used to entertain bored teenagers at 3 AM.
guy 1: "hey, i'm really bored, what should we do?"
guy 2: "lets go down to that orange grove next to the interstate and throw oranges at cars!"
guy 1: "yeeaaahhhh!!!!"
by kjhgkjhfgfshyrtrws February 13, 2011
Oranges are a fruit with excellant design, they come precut!
They are a citrus based fruit with a orange peel. They are the ONLY fruit with the same name and color. although you have to peel them, the peel is legal leave on the streets in many countrys citys and states.
person1: "hey would you like a apple?"
Person2: "no thanks i am going to have this orange."
person1: "why? apples are better"
person3: "rawr"
by YOUR PSEUDONYM! December 09, 2009
Adjective used to describe someone with a nice figure.

Psychostick reference that describes someone who is round, juicy, and sweet.

Psychostick (Comedy Metal Band)
Dude, she's totally an orange.

Check out that orange over there.
by Starwind237 October 14, 2009
1. The color symbolizing danger, evil, death, and such in profound movies (i.e. The Godfather)
2. The color of insanity.
1. Hey, look! Vito Corleone dropped the oranges!
bam! bam! bam!
oh, man, the godfather got shot
2. Oh my god, you painted your walls orange! Do we need to get you some help?

by chickachelsea March 13, 2009
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