Adjective used to describe someone with a nice figure.

Psychostick reference that describes someone who is round, juicy, and sweet.

Psychostick (Comedy Metal Band)
Dude, she's totally an orange.

Check out that orange over there.
by Starwind237 October 14, 2009
A Chinese Rapper with a good unique flow.
Search Orange I Keep On Dyin on YouTube
by ORANGEPHX July 07, 2009
Slang for awesome, cool, hip.
That coaster was so orange.
by sunny809 March 17, 2009
Any type of weed that'll get u hi son,
its a good word to use in public if u don't want to be herd talkin about marijuana
got any oranges i could buy?

im gonna go eat some oranges if anyone wants to come?
by sweetlou July 30, 2007
Fine girl(s) that if you're honest with yourself is far to young for you to be looking at like that. From the Orange Phone Co. (uk) slogan "the future's bright, the future's Orange"
Hey man, check out those wet girls over there-->
Yeah, but far to orange for us dude
by Jake July 21, 2003
It doesn't have a meaning because I've said it too many times.
by disbitch32154 February 15, 2014
A signature color worn by creepers and those of questionable morals.
Do you see that guy wearing orange? He really looks like a creeper. I'm glad he's wearing orange so we could spot him.
by GrlMusicFrk February 09, 2011

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