To describe hatred for someone as in relation to how bad the show Jersey Shore is.
You are fricking orange!

Stop being so orange!
by ll relyt February 17, 2011
Maya skin is Orange
by 1234567890-fghjbvcghjk November 25, 2010
tasty delectable fruit
i would like to eat an orange with my eggs this morning.
by bres a WHORE July 22, 2008
A yummy, citrusy fruit that makes a mans' penis larger.
Rudy! Come eat some oranges! You need it!
by AmieOreo<33 July 06, 2009
something small and bitter, sometimes a fruit
by Malky October 13, 2003
A frequently thrown item of food that gives me quite the ha ha. It is also quite the yummy fruit. Hmmm Indeed
a man steals a ladies oranges
she says and i quote: ' give me back my oranges'
The man replies( whilst throwing the oranges): 'I am!!!'
by Charlene Edwards and Shareen Hearn December 08, 2006
Quack Ass Bastards
by pronunseeashun August 08, 2003

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