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a slang phrase usually said after asking a question.
a:"Do you want ice cream or naw?" (nah can also be used)
by joey g. February 24, 2014
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A phrase used to express disagreement, disapproval, dislike, disillusionment, or diss towards someone's previous statement.
"Hey Marisa can you pass the eggs."
Marisa: "OR NAW."
by Dononanavan September 22, 2014
Used after a previously given question, once it become clear that the answer is no.
"Eyy girl, wanna fuck?"
*girl walks away*
"...Or naw."
by Dononanavan September 22, 2014
A slang term of the word "or not."
You want that sexy car or naw?
by I-am---BATMAN!! March 29, 2015

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