A Faggot
Hello faggot police, yea the OP's gotten loose again
by Tommy Two-Tone March 24, 2011
an expression usually called out immediately after a comically ironic or unexpected situation comes forth; also used when one contradicts someone or him else.
illy: DUDE, dina is totally diggin me tonight
*dina walks in*
dina: illy, hook me up with mo
D: op!
by shsthaniel November 30, 2010
is a massive, glorious winged faggot. Eh sucks dick and doesn't afraid of anything.
OP: Soup guyz!
First Reply: OP is a fag.
Second Reply: An hero
Third Reply: candy-ass
by Stinky McKillYourself February 28, 2012
1) Internet Forums: "Original poster". The creator of the post to which the comment refers.

2) Gaming (both videogaming and tabletop RPG): "Over powered". A character, weapon, ability so strong that the game lacks challenge and becomes mundane.
1) Post: "Hitler was okay, I guess."
Commenter 1: "OMG! That's so offensive!"
Commenter 2: "Stop being butthurt. OP is probably just a troll."

2) Me: "Ugh, this dungeon is so easy! Our team just wiped out that owl-bear with three sneak attacks."
Friend: "Well, it's either because two of us are rouges or because the GM made us OP by having us challenge the harder dungeon first."
by strangescienceraccoon January 06, 2014
An acronym in which commenters on MLIA have an infinite amount of definitions. If you ask what it means, be prepared for all the answers you will receive.
Person 1: Do you know what OP means?
Person 2: Yeah, it's Orgasmic Platypus.
Person 3: No, it's OctoPie.
Person 4: Really, it's Original Poster.
Persons 2+3: No, they're just trying to screw with you. Believe us, not them.
by MLIACG February 21, 2010
An acronym meaning ON POINT. It just sounds way cooler saying "OP" because "on point" is just so mainstream. It is a word you use in a phrase to compliment someone. If you want insult someone- use NOP.

*Antonym: NOP
Annabel and Amanda are always OP, I'm so jealous.

GIRL, your outfit is OP. Dude, Kate's booty looks so OP today.

Mr. Wood's lesson in Chemistry was OP today.

Tyrone, your mom's fried chicken- OP!!!!
by Banabel610 April 24, 2015
Pronounced o-p

abbreviation for on point or overpowered
Overpowered: your gonna be to op
On point: Dem shoes op
by Alpha_Psychosis February 28, 2014

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