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Aside from meaning Original Poster, "op" can also simply mean "oh" or can be a statement typed after something peculiar has happened, or something that leaves you speechless.

This meaning has been made popular by Tumblr.
Person:"I can hear my parents having sex in the next room."
Also a person: "op"
by teenmother May 30, 2011
When a player on fifa ultimate team is extremely over-powered!
David Luiz is really O.P.

Victor Ibarbo is the most O.P.ed
Player in fifa ultimate team
by Hotdogboy69 June 16, 2014
Short for overpowered
Your fifa team is so op
by mandemting May 18, 2014
this word is used when there is an awkward silence or if someone says something weird/awkward and you can't think of a response. you just say "OP!"
john: "i take it in the ass"
jane: "OP!"

a group of strangers sitting around in silence
you say: "OP!"

jane: "you're a bitch!"
john: "OP!"
by kkbitch September 06, 2012
1. On forums, refers to the "Original Poster" who started the thread, often with a question.
2. (Loosely) refers to any "other poster" on a thread.
1. Thread title: My next FPQ
| The FPQ51200 graphics accelerator is actually disabled in North America.
OP mentioned they were in Germany.

2. Thread title: Why do we follow a 300 year old constitution?
|| Hitler was democratically elected
| Are you saying Hitler had the right to do what he did?
Obviously the OP was pointing out that Hitler didn't seize his dictatorship by force, meaning that Democracy alone is not enough to protect people from electing someone bad who will kill them.
by dabr0kedude May 17, 2012
A sound one makes when something unexpected happens, or a mistake is made. It can also be referred to as a shortened version of "Oops", except it's used more casually.
Op, Drew and Eli are fighting. Is this the end of a bromance?

Op, I helped my ex cheat on his current girlfriend in a baby nursery.
by omgitskee June 01, 2011
A new form of oxycontin, designed as a rubber-like substance to prevent crushing and snorting
These OP 60s are so annoying. I just want to snort them!
by nardiman September 10, 2010