an arabic word that defines a time in the night, before dawn when everything is calm and still.
and the night is saja.
by Ms Q February 27, 2009
saja is an arabic name and is usually a light brunette. they are very gorgeous,hot. and very flirtatious and are always there when you need her. all the guys want her. usually a girl and has a great personality. beautiful.
friend: please don't fell anyone but see that guy there i like him

saja : dont worry you know your secret is safe with me
by dontworrybezappy January 20, 2013
a gorgeous dirty blonde (and sexually dirty) with a great personality. she has an amazing voice and is about 6 times better than the average ebba.
The wild saja (Sarah Jamieson) is looking fine today.
by Millard22 November 08, 2010

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