Abbreviation for "out of mind", supposedly originating from the Red vs. Blue miniseries. Adjective meaning bored or sleep-deprived to the point of feeling disembodied.
Dude, I am so bored oom right now.
by Jack Abramov September 06, 2008
Top Definition
In everquest (and other games) it means out of mana.
The healers oom and now we are fucked.
by Krakatau October 01, 2003
what a dsylexic cow says
The dyslexic cow went oom
by *BoB* October 27, 2004
Out of Mana (while playing World of Warcraft)
Switch to off-heal I'm oom!
by mazijoon January 29, 2008
A word/sound made to express feelings in response to a remark or photo that is possibly 'sexy' or purposefully unsexy (and therefore funny).
Most popular on the Internet.
Derives from the word 'ooh' and sounds like 'boom'. What more could you want?
Nate: *glomps*
Mindy: Oom.
by libbypwns February 09, 2009
To have finished your drink, but still require more. Most often used in the bar scene.
"Hold on guys im oom, let me go get another drink."

"Bartender! Help me out, im oom!"
by Forne June 21, 2009
A Kid who will rage out if you say certian things to him, Such has "Your Gay" or "I like cheese".
Guy "Hey I think your really gay".
The Ooms "I'm gonna kick your ass you faggot".
Guy "Settle down there oomsy".
by Aidon January 30, 2006
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