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1. The mixture of cornstarch and water that seems to be half solid and half liquid.
Often times, food coloring (especially green) is added to make it more interesting.

2. Any substance that makes you think "Oh, gross!" and at the same time "Cooool! It's all goooooey!"

3. slime, Gloop, ooze, gooze, cornstarch and water, goopy, gloopy.
a) Let's make some ooey gooey!
b) In first grade, our teacher had us mix cornstarch and water to make ooey gooey... I don't remember what the experiement was all about, but it sure was fun to mess with.

a) Dude! It's, like, all ooey gooey! Come feel it!
b) I think I added too much water in this cake mix, because it's all ooey gooey.
by lang 679 October 06, 2006
n. - marijuana that is very potent and possesses a very sticky quality. Marijuana that is the stickest and often best quality. Often times it is so sticky that you will need a grinder to break it down because it sticks to your fingers so much. Also called just plain 'ooee' for short
damn dogg, I can barely break this shit up cuz its the 'ooey-gooey'!
by originaljt$ June 19, 2010
1.) An attractive man that is so hot, he makes you feel the same as eating a ooey gooey hot out of the oven melty chocolate chip cookie.
2.) A man that is so attractive he makes you feel all hot and ooey gooey inside.
"Zac Efron is so sexy that he makes me feel ooey gooey inside."
by bae13a November 14, 2013
An effeminate man is considered to be ooey gooey based on certain behavior that is usually associated with the female gender.
That new guy in the Marketing Department is ooey gooey!!
by Gary Ray February 04, 2009

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