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Its UBER you dumbass... Get a dictionary!
Its uber dumb of you to misspell uber!
by OmnipptentSeal June 15, 2003
It's not oober or uber, it's über, from German.
OmnipptentSeal needs an über-dictionary.
by Frungi July 08, 2005
the gay way to spell UBER.
dude 1: Bree is hell bent on saying Uber is spelled OOBER.
dude2: i kno. shell eventually learn
by enrique123 May 27, 2008
This is my way of spelling "uber". It means the same thing as "uber" but its better because its my way of spelling it and no matter what everyone says thats the way to spell it
Dude! That was oober cool.
by oober cool guy August 12, 2010
totally _________.
He is so oober hawt. OMG! (:
by Oober Prehistoric. December 28, 2008
The way that faggots spell uber, helping with singling them out.
Faggot: OMG this is oober cool!
Me: Fags get out.
by Irony-free name August 13, 2010
May be interchanged with Ooberly. Antonym to the German word über. In this way, you must use this word after the noun. It describes how something if fat, slummy, or down right disgraceful.
EX: Sam mentioned to Dan that Sally is getting Fat Oober.

EX: Mike went to the Target Oober madness.

EX: The Federal Goverment went to the ghetto to recap on the cities slum oober.
by Derrok December 22, 2009

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