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A word you say when there is nothing else to say. During awkward silences, loud cafeterias, whenever you see a hot chick,whenever the professor stops talking after a statement, you simply yell ooOoo!
It can kind of be compared to when Canadians use the word "eh", it can simply be used that often.
Example A

Professor: "If we didn't have these levees, the Mississippi river would flood and destroy our campus."
Professor:"What's that?"
Student:"Oh nothing."

Example B

Person A: "Dude that girl on the raised table sitting next to that ginger is so hot!"

Person B: "ooOoo!"

Person A: "I am glad you agree!"
by Max Adamson. January 30, 2009
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A total ice breaker that is used best when things get silent. Often used after someone says a statement and there is small break between what they have to say.
Example 1
Professor:"Our next test will be on the 26th, it will cover chapters 4,5, and 6."
Professor:"What's that?"
Student:"Oh nothing"

Example 2
Person 1:"That Jade girl is so hot"
Person 2:"ooOoo"
Person 1:"I am glad you agree.."
by Max Adamson. November 10, 2008

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