The task of removing one's own liver by process of elimination.
DANG! I think my liver is infected. It is now time for onomatopoeia.
by Boobo November 05, 2003
Top Definition
The word that describes words which "sound like they are". Onomatopoeic words are widley used in poetry and prose.
"Some examples of onomatopoeia are croak, sizzle, and splash"
by Sabz July 20, 2004
1)The formation of words in imitation of natural sounds
2)An imitative word
3)The selection and use of such words
4)Simply, words that sound like what they are such as...
crack, splash, bow-wow, creek, smack, etc
by Jessica September 11, 2003
A word that sounds the same as the noise its describing
by fandomlyobssesed April 04, 2015
The noises people make when they're having sex.
BANG! CRASH! THUMP! SMASH! This is onomatopoeia.
by .Synthesis. February 11, 2012
A word that means "a word that's spelled like the sound it makes" but it usually is just said to sound more intelligent. Most people can't spell this word.
A- Gosh, you're so stupid...
A- Nvm...

A- Boom!
B- Nice onomatopoeia use there.
A- OoooOooooOoooooOooo
by Blakeyy June 14, 2011
The most fuckin impossible word to spell in the english language.
Onomatopoea is fuckin hard to spell
by Birth Slop October 17, 2003

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