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6 definitions by Sabz

The word that describes words which "sound like they are". Onomatopoeic words are widley used in poetry and prose.
"Some examples of onomatopoeia are croak, sizzle, and splash"
by Sabz July 20, 2004
1) An un-namable gadget of some sort, possibly highly technical.
2) Another meaning for father or dad.
Hey, pass me that doodad to your left

Happy doodads day!!!
by Sabz October 24, 2003
Waiting in a queue or a line. Queueing is the only 8 letter word in the English language with 5 vowels in a row.
"I'm queueing up for train tickets"
by Sabz July 20, 2004
A less rude way of saying "taking the piss". A joke, not really offensive.
"stop taking the mickey"
by Sabz November 05, 2003
C'est moi! (it's me! for all you non french understanding people). Sorry, I just had to put this up here. I know its probably going to be quality controlled and then deleted, but everyone else does it...I just felt like having my name on UD :P
"Sabs! What are you doing...thats superglue!"
"I love Sabs"
"Sabs truly is the best at everything."
by Sabz November 06, 2004
Short for Funny Turn
"She's having an FT"
by Sabz July 21, 2004