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A Goonies favorite. This is when you cum in a girl's eye, kick her in the shin, and run away as if you set off a series of booby traps. The desired effect is to get her hopping on one leg while holding the other, and covering one of her eyes with her free hand. Resembling the famous pirate (or Mama Fratelli if she's fat). Arrgh!
Last night at the frat party, this girl was so drunk and fugly, I ended up one-eyed willying her.
by June 07, 2005
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A One Eyed Willy always looks better circumcised
by Bungalow Bill October 18, 2001
When a man is lying on his back while the woman is jerking him off in the dark, as he's about to shoot his load, he leans up and she (intentionally or unintentionally) aims his "one-eyed peg leg" at his eye. When the cum hits his eye, he grabs it, and yells, ARRRRRRGGHHHHH....
I thought that I would be mad that my old lady gave me a one-eyed willy last night, but after measuring the distance..."I'M THE MAN!!!!!"
by Times Square Karl June 09, 2006

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