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keepin it real to the fullest and super tight.

end of the convo
Luke: aight man, peace
Q: kool homie, keep it one hundred (100)
by tip drill March 12, 2008
a one-hundred means what is your motto for life. you are 100% you and you live by this.
"What is your one-hundred?"

"Get rich or die trying"
"I dont start fights, i end them"
"Makie whoopie, generate income"
"Knife fights and smoking blunts"
"slay ladies for money"
by daunte the security guard January 11, 2010
originated from the "one" a phrase used in place of goodbbye,shows seriousness,used in the movie "belly"
person #1: yo, i found the guy that robbed you last week.

Person #2: fo real?? aight i got my piece and i'll be there in five minutes.

person #1: aight one.

Person #2: one hundred.
by jaytee October 20, 2005