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The one inch wonder is a wang that is 1 inch. It's not as good as the 2 inch tornado, but it beats the half inch disaster, but then again, it will never beat the quarter inch killer.
Hey look at that kid with his one inch wonder acting all cool and shit, he wished he had the quarter inch killa.
by quarter inch killaz r c00l yo January 10, 2006
An abnormally small male penis. Usually an insult attributed to straight men who are noticeably weak or effeminate.
Gary: You need to stop lusting after Brandon's one inch wonder and get yourself a real man.

Naomi: No thank you asshole.
by ConservatismSucks February 19, 2010
A one inch penis, or a very small penis when arroused.
The man showed the woman his one inch wonder
by someguy March 30, 2005
Used to describe a penis that, when erect, measures ~1 one inch.
"Hey, you know Tom, when his GF found out he had a One Inch Wonder, he was dumped straight away."

"After I took that pill, my One Inch Wonder was raring to go."
by Joey935 April 01, 2015
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