on, to mean the time when our female counterparts become a ferocious member of the animal kingdom. It usually results in the male being unable to do anything correct, and being told so in a blunt and harsh manner.
Woman: Would u clean them damn plates.
Man: It ok, shes just on
by Mark D June 14, 2004
old nymphomaniac
hey, Joe the girl you were with last night is an "O. N."
by tbone1956 June 29, 2011
1. where something is placed upon something
2. suffix which is combined with most words
1. "I left the shit on the bench, so get off my fuckin back already!"
2. "When's dinner, bitch? I wanna get my drink and my snack on!"
by Caesar Pavlivs "Big O" Xabbunius February 24, 2004
old news
kekeke: on GTFO
by PKM BROCK MOFUGGA February 16, 2004
Old news.
Idiotfriend did you see that <news from last week>?
You ON
by Jesuswtf January 31, 2004

Something or someone that is cool, interesting(in a good way), awesome, love it, happy, excited
That is a really ON jacket.
We had a really ON time at the concert.
I'm really ON with myself right now.
That dinner was a really ON experience.
by Cultured,whatofit September 09, 2010
no backwards
no is on backwards sdawkcab no si on
by Can of Worms November 08, 2006

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