to be gone off a pill or drunk, high, leanin, of sum sort or all of thee above
bruh im on like shyt!

im onnnn bruh!
#high #drunk #smacked #thizz #lit #zooted #leanin #faded #keyed
by stix1015 May 23, 2009
Top Definition
to be high or drunk
basically under the influence
DAMN i was on, no wonder i slept with the bitch!
#on #high #drunk #weed #smoke #drink #alcohol #vodka #smirnoff #patron
by G-Ci April 12, 2009
To hold, or possess drugs that you are willing to sell.
"Are you on?"
"Is Sampson on?"
"I'm on at the moment"
by Diego June 23, 2003
1) Preposition; Above and touching a surface.
2) Adverb; Working, conducting their intended task.
3) Prefix; Continuously, continuing.
4) Slang Verb; To be menstruating.
1) I was on your mother all night.
2) Your computer is currently on.
3) The project is ongoing.
WOMAN: "I'm on at the minute. Fucking men, they're all bastards..."
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
1. To engage in certain conduct, behavior, activity with a conviction of progress, success, or moving forward.

2. An Affirmation of becoming.
1. I'm going to get my groove on tonight.

2. I want to get my learn on, so I'm going to college.

3. I'm about to get my grown man on because I'm becoming a daddy.
#making #becoming #doing #action #executing
by Spnish Shaft March 08, 2008
Another way to say a girl is on her period. I dislike the word period. I dislike the word menstration. And guys do too. So...just say, "She's on".
What's wrong with her?
She's on.
#pms #period #girl #boy #time of the month
by Ms. Funty January 24, 2008
on, to mean the time when our female counterparts become a ferocious member of the animal kingdom. It usually results in the male being unable to do anything correct, and being told so in a blunt and harsh manner.
Woman: Would u clean them damn plates.
Man: It ok, shes just on
by Mark D June 14, 2004
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