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Taking part in the act of sexual intercourse. In other words, the time that a man or woman spend stabbing, plunging the pink, or laying pipe.
Dude, see that 250-pound beach whale bitch sitting over there at the food court eating a Super-sized triple cheeseburger meal with a chocolate shake and four of those nasty-ass apple pies? I wonder what she looks like "on the job?"
by PPabs September 21, 2003
"on the job" is the act of having sex
frank was caught "on the job" with shirly
by stoot January 22, 2007
Noun. -Term used by Emergency Responder's (Fire,Police,EMS) to describe an event or object as being cool.
Yo guys that tiller is On the job
by rdemark December 01, 2015
On The Job :can also mean hustling in the streets or on your block or blocks...
cell phone rings....wats good.... shit on the job...
by deeptre8 November 12, 2010
A no good, lazy, pasta eating, trickster. That works for a fire dept but never does any real work. To be on the job is to be a hornswaggler of the tax payers hard earned money.
Jarred is on the job.
by laZfireman April 07, 2008
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