Omo is an obese child who resides in Manchester. He is a XL-size uniformed pupil at Prestwich high school. He is a major scally who finds maternity pants 'casual-wear'. He usually eats about 3-4 packets of crisps during break and several meals at lunch. He speaks in grunts that can be barely understood. Avoid looking at him he can cause vomiting and other physical sickness.
"Hey omo is that your manbreast hanging over your bagstrap".... "Rass 'tis"
"Om, chom, um that's good" (Eating sounds)
"Omo go away your making me ill"
by "Omo makes me ill" October 27, 2004
The french word for HOMO, because they cheat and can't say H's
Vincent Peeko, You are OMO
by V K October 06, 2007
Like omg, but for Oswrath. Means Oh my Oswrath!
omo! That guy just got molested by a donkey!
by irgodlike January 05, 2009
The odd man out. When a ratio of girls to guys is unfavorable to the men, one person is designated omo and does not get any action.
Paul: yo theres gonna be 5 guys but only 4 girls.
Teddy: that means we need an omo.
Bryan: i'll take the responsibility.
by hairy hair July 25, 2006
someone that is gay
word to insult people
1) That man is an omo, i.e. he's gay.
2) Omo!
by Vlaamie September 10, 2006
On My Own
Drake: "OMO alright"
On P.Reign ft Drake- DnF
by Honeyxx November 16, 2014

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