The total destruction of all life.
The only good reason to kill yourself is to commit omnicide
by amongtheomegas November 04, 2004
Top Definition
the destruction of all life.
What will happen if George W. Bush is re-elected.
by The Ugly One April 24, 2004
Modern Warfare 2:
Kill the whole enemy team within 10 seconds
I just killed the whole enemy team which is...........OMNICIDE
by An0nym0us_p3rs0n March 15, 2010
A World of Warcraft guild on the EU realm Dentarg.
Mira of omnicide:

(mira-) at least last time i googled omnicide it gave some really odd results ;D
(mira-) like "not our guild, not our guild, not our guild, oki bored, let's do something else"
by Jaakko J.P. March 04, 2007

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