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Why I come to this site.
Me: I'm bored as all hell...
Friend: Go check out urbandictionary
by amongtheomegas December 08, 2004
The form of government that is currently failing the United States (see democracy)
I wish we didn't live in a nazi state.

I'm sad that the village idiot is leading our supposed democracy...
by amongtheomegas November 03, 2004
The total destruction of all life.
The only good reason to kill yourself is to commit omnicide
by amongtheomegas November 04, 2004
A Nintendo product played completely in one's imagination
Me: If I got suspended I'd play Nintendo
Kirsten: Wouldn't your parents take it away?
Me: So I'd play in my head, they can't take that away from me
by amongtheomegas November 01, 2004

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