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1)a female in any social situation that purposefully draws attention to herself, usually resulting in "that girl" being hated by the majority of females in the room
2)a female in an unintentional embarassing situation in a public place displayed for people to see
1) "that girl" is dancing on tables dude, what a boner
2) oh my god, did you just see "that girl" eat shit on the ice?
by Jewels April 03, 2005
Oh My Gosh Becky!
(look at her butt it is so big... its like out there, she must be one of those rap guys, girlfriends)!
by Jewels May 25, 2004
Something that has or was extremly intense. made by josh on the way back home from a basketball game.
Dude! that game was so intensdifying!!!!
by Jewels February 04, 2005
when someone or something is maxed out to the highest power.usually used as in means to show off.
Im the funkmasterflex and no one can beat that!!
by Jewels January 05, 2005

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