A one-meal dish with egg as the main ingredient, add some cheese or milk and other desired toppings, mix well, then fry till golden brown, fold into half and serve. Originally French, now it's known internationally. Toppings can include ham, capsicums, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, etc. Extremely popular for breakfast or a light meal.
I'd die for an omelette right now!
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
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"I am going to let"
I should bust a cap in yo' ass, but omelette this one slide.
by The White Hat July 06, 2003
Slang word for a sexual orgy.
"'Ow about we all come back to mine and we can 'ave a French, English, Irish, American, Korean omelette, oui?"

"A guy invited me back to his for an omelette last night. Ended up having a big orgy with loads of his friends. It was strange though, because he didn't cook me any eggs in the morning..."

"That was one crazy omelette we had last night"
by SandwichMaker May 28, 2012
An egg based dish - the poor man's lunch.
Take three eggs, toss them in a mixer, throw in half an onion, salt and pepper, then fry in a pan until it looks edible.

Voila, you have an omelette.
by Tronno December 04, 2004
Omelette is used, (as in Lee Nelson's well good show) to encourage peer pressure. If you state that you are going to do something, such as dropping a meaty steamer on your mate's pillow, and another calls 'Omelette', you must adhere to your initial proposition. Failure to do said task will result in the Omeletted individual having to cook a tasty Omelette for the person who called Omelette.
Person A: "I'm gonna eat a turd sandwich."

Person B: "Omelette."
Person A: "Shit."
by HarryHobnob August 28, 2013
when you cum in a girl's ear and then fold it over, imitating an omelette
that bitch pissed me off so i gave her an omelette and now she's got an ear infection...serves her right
by dramarama18 April 25, 2005
A man who was in lee nelsons well good show who said funny phrases like "No, definitely not" - he has an addiction to kebab chips and jogging suits
1st Guy: Did you watch omelette on lee nelsons well good show last night? 2nd Guy: No, Definitely not
by hmphtb December 09, 2010

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