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A brunette or redhead who doesn't conform to social standards. People with the name Olivia are attracted to Jews, especially if they happen to have curly hair. Girls with this name are often hipsters and environmentalists. Also they enjoy and listen to indie music. Olivias often have an edgy sense of fashion that only they can pull off. Showering every day is not necessary. Organization is at the bottom of the list for those named Olivia. Olivias are very sociable and extroverted but not necessarily reliable or loyal friends.
Friend 1: Hey look, there's Olivia!

Friend 2: I love her TOMS!

Friend 1: Me too, I wish my name was Olivia. It's such a great name.
by pourtoi July 04, 2011
27 30
A girl who has spaghetti hair and she is slightly bright but her personality is dim. Dont trust olivia, olivia is a bad friend
1: who did you hear that from?
2: olivia
3: obviously wrong
by francoismarcus12 December 18, 2013
0 5
Olivia's are very pretty and kind little people who are great at almost everything, makeup, fashion, academics, sports, mostly cheer leading, and art. She is almost always short and is apart of the elf army, elf academy or the elf marines, Olivia's never get past 5 feet. She is very sweet but has a spicy side to her! Her temper can change at any time and hits like a man, so watch out! She has many friends in school, girls want to be her and boys want to date her.
Bob:Look at her!
Bobs girlfriend:Who?!
Bob:Olivia, the hot short one!
Bobs girlfriend:Oh her! were done if u wanna be with that!
Bob:I do, I really do!
Bobs girlfriend:Not if I get her first!
by punkerr!! March 07, 2012
6 11
Short green and orange in appearance. A real odd ball with weird mannerisms, you will never find a proper photo of this girl. Typically Olivia is very lazy and likes to likes to smear food on her face in the hopes that it prevents ageing. However her one redeeming feature is that she is a modest, sweet girl with a great big heart of gold.
OMG that oompaloompa looks like olivia!
by Mr Goo May 27, 2013
2 8
1.wee tight hole

2.a sexy sister
1.she has an olivia

2.his sister is olivia
by callum ob in yer area October 20, 2010
34 47
the 5th man of G-Unot
you can see olivia's junk in the candy shop music video
by BWS4LIFE April 16, 2006
416 431
Olivia is a girl who tends to keep to herself, and her books. She'd rather listen to good Johnny Cash tune them hangout with a group of people. She wants to wear red lipstick everyday, and grow her hair to her feet. Olivia enjoys horror films, and fields of flowers. She is a neat freak, but currently flunking math. Olivia hates people, she believes if ever person on Earth died, nothing would change. Animals would roam free, grass would go as tall as the trees. Without people life would be a beautiful thing. To please Olivia, you must like novels, movies, and film cameras.
"You know that babe Olivia?" -Chris

"Helllz yeah, she so attractive and fucking hilarious!"- Everyone on Earth
by meow_glitter_666 April 04, 2011
23 41