Olivia's are very pretty and kind little people who are great at almost everything, makeup, fashion, academics, sports, mostly cheer leading, and art. She is almost always short and is apart of the elf army, elf academy or the elf marines, Olivia's never get past 5 feet. She is very sweet but has a spicy side to her! Her temper can change at any time and hits like a man, so watch out! She has many friends in school, girls want to be her and boys want to date her.
Bob:Look at her!
Bobs girlfriend:Who?!
Bob:Olivia, the hot short one!
Bobs girlfriend:Oh her! were done if u wanna be with that!
Bob:I do, I really do!
Bobs girlfriend:Not if I get her first!
by punkerr!! March 07, 2012
An Olivia is a swagtastic girl. She likes to twerk every day and every night. She is the rachetest hoe around. Olivia does not take any shit from anybody and will slap a bitch who tries to insult her. An Olivia will frequently be seen shakin' it with her friends at the swaggiest clubs around with her friends or at the bar. She is also extremely sassy, sexy and will strip for the first male who asks her to. However she is sexy, funny (makes a lot of miley cyrus and sex jokes) and beautiful :) This girl will use the words yolo, swag, indie and lul a lot.
She also loves pugs and shopping for bras
lad 1 - `Ay man its an Olivia^
Lad 2 - 'Ay olivia come twerk for me bby'
by swagtasticgirl January 04, 2014
quite a cool girl. loves pickles. loves thursdays and is weird. laughs at her own jokes and has little feet. she is in desperate need of cuticle oil.
that girl olivia ate all my pickles!
by spicypickles February 10, 2011
Hoe..straight up whore. White as fuck but acts black. Usually short and skinny and a little bit of a bitch to people she doesn't like. Eats so many beans. Just kidding she hates beans. Doesn't take shit from anyone and will get in a fight if she ever needs to. She pretends to be innocent but sometimes aggressive.
"Who's that bitch in the fight?"
by Napoleon Tina November 12, 2014
A brunette or redhead who doesn't conform to social standards. People with the name Olivia are attracted to Jews, especially if they happen to have curly hair. Girls with this name are often hipsters and environmentalists. Also they enjoy and listen to indie music. Olivias often have an edgy sense of fashion that only they can pull off. Showering every day is not necessary. Organization is at the bottom of the list for those named Olivia. Olivias are very sociable and extroverted but not necessarily reliable or loyal friends.
Friend 1: Hey look, there's Olivia!

Friend 2: I love her TOMS!

Friend 1: Me too, I wish my name was Olivia. It's such a great name.
by pourtoi July 04, 2011
A noun or an adjective for a sensitive little shit that takes forever to get ready and says no all the time. Usually tend to be trumpet players or soccer players but then quit because it's too much work. Olivia's are hungry 24/7 and have enough room in their stomach to house a Mexican family reunion. They are lazy and spend every minute possible laying in bed checking social media. Olivia's are shy but when you get to know them they can be very annoying. Steer clear of Olivia's.
"It's three o' clock and she's still in bed."
"Psh, what an Olivia."
"I'm still hungry."
"You've eaten three slices of pizza, four bowls of ice cream, and two loaded baked potatoes, and it isn't even lunch time. I swear you're so Olivia sometimes."
by low69 July 21, 2014
Short green and orange in appearance. A real odd ball with weird mannerisms, you will never find a proper photo of this girl. Typically Olivia is very lazy and likes to likes to smear food on her face in the hopes that it prevents ageing. However her one redeeming feature is that she is a modest, sweet girl with a great big heart of gold.
OMG that oompaloompa looks like olivia!
by Mr Goo May 27, 2013

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