In reality, Olivia (Olijf) is a dutch name for a pretty, smart and funny girl.

She is well known for her cooking skills especially spaghetti.
After a delicious plate of her majestic pasta (hopefully cooked without spilling on her pants and the floor), Olivia likes spending her night watching Geordie Shore with Nelson or going to fancy parties.

Olivia is always happy and friendly except if you mess with her IKEA furniture!
"You know you'll lose when Olivia sits at Table 7!"
by geoot November 08, 2014
A beautiful, kind hearted girl who has a great sense of humor, really funny too! She has a really good attitude and is always happy! she loves to help others and is very athletic and very well rounded with everything! Not to mention Olivia's can be real weirdos!!
I love that new girl olivia
I know she's awesome!
by AlexK960 January 13, 2015
Olivia is a super wacky and weird person! She loves to have fun and joke around! Loves to draw and to run, and have as much fun as she possibly can! She has great hair and an amazing smile. Don't underestimate her! She's a fighter! And she's good at it! She's never put you down, and will always make you happy.
Don't ever underestimate her by her size, because those comments, usually from bullies, will get you kicked in the butt. Maybe literally!
Her friends are complete weirdos, but they love her and she loves them.
Hey is your name Olivia?
Yeah why?
Because I saw you being wacky and awesome.
by OwlLover77987 June 02, 2015
This weird/sweet girl I met "about a week ago" Olivia is a hella swag chick and great all round person,don't give her a map though cause shes bad with directions.She also takes weird/nice selfies.
"Sup brah"-Olivia
"Who was that?"-Guy
"That's Olivia"-Guy
by S---mr--sTalkEr---Lover--- March 15, 2015
the best fucking person alive, cute, funny,awesome and all around exciting
yo i just talked to the best girl ever, shes amazing!
wow her name must have been olivia!
no it was rachael but still olivias are all great!
by anderbeercan January 03, 2010
1. An amazing name for a beautiful young lady.
"That Olivia sure knows how to make a person laugh."
by ToTheMoonAndBack May 15, 2015
A beautiful girl that is always hot
Olivia is hot
by Olivia R. February 02, 2015

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