1. An amazing name for a beautiful young lady.
"That Olivia sure knows how to make a person laugh."
by ToTheMoonAndBack May 15, 2015
A beautiful girl that is always hot
Olivia is hot
by Olivia R. February 02, 2015
A beautiful, kind hearted girl who has a great sense of humor, really funny too! She has a really good attitude and is always happy! she loves to help others and is very athletic and very well rounded with everything! Not to mention Olivia's can be real weirdos!!
I love that new girl olivia
I know she's awesome!
by AlexK960 January 13, 2015
An amazing girl! She's trustworthy, pretty, intelligent, kind, and hilarious. I'm so lucky to have her in my life.
She's a beautiful girl with an amazing body. She's charismatic, sophisticated and powerful. But she can also be very weird and crazy.
Laughs at her own jokes.
She's incredibly smart, has a way with words and is a great listener. She loves helping people with their personal problems.

She doesn't take shit. She's gonna catch your shit and throw it back at your face. Do NOT get in her bad side. She doesn't like being surrounded by many people, so if you're close to her, she considers you very special.

She's pretty tall with adorable hands and the cutest feet!
She's the kind of person who eats a whole pizza by herself and not gain weight. Like, what?
She doesn't like olives, unless they're in her martini.

She's a very special girl.

An elegant name for an elegant girl.
You're lucky if you know an olivia. She's ana amazing friend, and an amazing lover. Very passionate and romantic. Unless you get on her bad side.
She can be shy and sophisticated, but can also be SO badass.

She's extremely talented and artsy. Very good at sports as well.
She truly has it all. Looks, brains, personality. If you know an Olivia, cherish her.
Emily: "oh look! It's Olivia!"
Sara: "she's my sister."
Emily: "I wish I were close to an Olivia!"
by Heartonmysleeve December 17, 2014
An awesome girl. She's super hot and has the nicest boobs you will ever see. She's a goddess in bed and literally the sexiest chica on the planet. She is sarcastic and a bit cynical but she means well. She will always be there for you, and she says whatever comes to mind. She has long wavy brown hair and bright green eyes. She's really hard on herself and tries very hard to make everyone happy and she feels guilty if they're not. If you have the luck to meet a single Olivia, you better snatch her up quick before someone else does.
Guy: hey that chick is damn sexy.
Girl: I wish I could be her.
Guy: what's her name?
Girl: her name's Olivia. She has a boyfriend though.

Guy: Dammit.
by Iloveolivia August 08, 2013
A loving and caring, smart and sexy girl who loves her friends and is normally pretty tall with blonde or brown hair. She normally goes for the guys with a cool atitude or an outdoorsman. She loves to have fun and party and break the rules. She loves to go shopping and hangout with friends. They normaly love shoes. Music is what can make them calm. She is an all round caring, loving, good friend,sexy, and honest person. She just wants to party ;)
Damn she's so olivia!
by Mavericks295 December 30, 2014
In reality, Olivia (Olijf) is a dutch name for a pretty, smart and funny girl.

She is well known for her cooking skills especially spaghetti.
After a delicious plate of her majestic pasta (hopefully cooked without spilling on her pants and the floor), Olivia likes spending her night watching Geordie Shore with Nelson or going to fancy parties.

Olivia is always happy and friendly except if you mess with her IKEA furniture!
"You know you'll lose when Olivia sits at Table 7!"
by geoot November 08, 2014

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