the best person ever. shes so beautiful and overall perfect.
boy 1: dang whos that
boy 2: man that's olivia
by immabossassbitch December 08, 2013
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the prettiest, awesomest, coolest, clerevest, fittest person in the world! she's extremely popular, everyone loves her, she's really sporty, the fastest in her school, very kind, funny and has an amazing sense of humour. she's amazingly loved by everyone she meets, and ALL boys loveee her! she's terribly good at gymnastics, trampolining, ice-skating, netball, sprinting, long jump, bowling and football. some people have even told her she will be in the olympics some day!
by rtyiiiiiiiiirtr6ukrf6uk August 17, 2011
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Raven-Symone's character on the cosby show, when she used to be cute and adorable. She was Denise's step-daughter
by chaddyboy May 14, 2006
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olivia sings with 50 cent on the song candy shop
by L.R. August 11, 2005
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A person who is more then funny she's HILARIOUS!!! A good friend but competitive at times Olivia is a trustworthy person! An over all well rounded person!! And a mathematical genius !!!
Boy -"wow she's really smart"
Girl-"Ya! She's definitely an Olivia"
by Anonymusfriend December 14, 2013
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A sexy, hot, funny girl who loves to have fun with friends. If you find a Olivia you should
A. Date her
B. Be best friends with her
C. Always love her
Olivia loves to have fun with friends.
by Wbuchet December 04, 2016
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Olivia is a bad ass bitch that doesn't take shit from anybody. When Olivia is in a good mood she's hilarious but when she's mad watch what you say to her cause she might curse you out. She's really good about getting advice and she's always there for you when you need her. Olivia is nice, funny, loyal, caring, pretty, and has an amazing body.
"Damn is that Olivia over there? She's so fine"
"Im so thankful to have a friend like Olivia. She really helped me out."
by amazing milkshake February 04, 2017
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