olivia is a bootylicious name given to black people who like to pigeons and are good at sticking landings. olivia's are also known best for aboriginal dancing they are preety amazing people
oh daumm check that olivia
by jeffy_1223 August 29, 2011
Very talented at sports. has a hot boyfriend and looks are everything to her. Hides the fact that shes in love with her bestfriend and ends up lieing to the ones she loves the most.
i am olivia
by chchhc July 03, 2010
a bitchy slut that has nothing better to do in life except flirt with guys and start getting drunk when they are about 13. They don't care about anything and always flip their hair and re apply make up. They don't even like their friends. They act like best friends with someone just when there other slutty friends aren't around.
Chris: Damn she's such a whore

Dean: Yea i know her name is Olivia

Chris: Explains
by yourmam123 December 03, 2011
A Transexual Singer for the Pop Rap group G-Unit. Poor Voice and garbage subject matter, Wouldn't reccomend any of his/her music.
Olivia only makes money through marketing schemes, not from raw talent.
by Down Pour February 22, 2006
A smelly potatoe that doesnt like octupuses
oh man look at that Olivia! we better not get our octupuses near her
by kidwhofearsolivia July 03, 2011
shit talker...almost as good as andrew w.
Wow, that olivia sure is cool.
by shittalkers November 07, 2011
A very big whore, a flirt, a bitch, typically has her first makeout session in 6th grade. Huge slut, has sex atleast 3 times before highschoool.
Guy: "Hey baby come sit next to me"
Olivia: "Okay, is your lap okay?"
Guy: "Perfectly fine"
*olivia sticks tongue down his throat*
by ASDSdjds October 23, 2011

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