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The 'black girl' with the best combacks that everyone has a good time with.
That Olivia loves nerds
by Tara. M September 01, 2008
A hot, upfront girl; or one who is flighty and a little out of it. Also the name of the G-Unit front girl.
She's a total olivia.

She was nice but kind of an olivia
by Keeira May 23, 2006
the bitchiest girl in the world. She is mean, self centered, and just plain MEAN.
Wow, the girl is such an olivia.
by pandadu July 29, 2011
Fat Slut
When an earthquake happens, that is Olivia going to the toilet.
by Chelseaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa August 10, 2011
scraaaaaaggg. lying little hoe, who takes everything for granted. bitch.
no, you're olivia
by hello.:) May 08, 2011
A terrible singer and dancer of one of the worst groups to walk the face of this earth. Was better off with her old single bizounce.
Olivia is getting banged by every member in G- Unit.
by _lovely August 13, 2005
Amazing girl with a big mouth! She can fit a blowdryer with a diffuser on the end in her mouth. She also has an out of this world speckle in her eye and loves to knead the fat on your arms.
girl 1: Is she an Olivia?
girl 2: Um let's see if she meets the "Olivia" criteria

O: lemme see your "O" face

L: laugh til you cry

I: crabs make you itch

V: vicesous

I: interesting

A: angry driver

girl 1: Yea she's totally an Olivia!
by jaxsquirrelboy February 04, 2010